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| Made You A Fist!

2009-12-25 19:20:14 by sir5000

Coo-ee, fellow Newgrounders!

In time for the Christmas/Hannukah/WhateverYouCelebrat e season, |'ve have made the first submission ever to the Newgrounds audience for this account: " | Made You A Fist!"

The audio is from the Christmas Special for an old British show called "Blackadder," starring Rowen Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Johnny English).

Happy Newgroundsmas!!


| Made You A Fist!


2009-11-28 02:45:39 by sir5000

Coo-ee, fellow Flashimators!

After months of hard thinking, I have decided to become an unnofficial Lock! As it looks like, it's a-me!
Tell me what you guys think about the design!


P.S. Take THAT, Wonchop!

Whoo! Dot Collab!

2009-06-14 19:24:56 by sir5000

All right! It's finally here! Teh Dot Trilogy: Collab!

I feel very honored to be part of this collaboration, especially after Yotam Perel's comment, stating that it was the "...crippled son of the Simple Line collab..."

Yeah...that's pretty bad...

Now I'm torn between being honored and being ashamed...

(Actually, I sorta half-agree with his comment. I mean, not to be too offensive, but some parts were pretty bad. Even I admit that my part wasn't that good. Not pointing out any names, though)

Note: You can find the full-sized screencap of the comment here.

Whoo! Dot Collab!


2008-11-13 20:52:37 by sir5000

Hello there!

I'm gonna try something new. Something sleek. Something noobish. Something frame-by-frame...

You heard me right! Frame-by-frame! Don't know what I mean? Ask those flash animators out there! They know!

Yup! I'm doing a first attempt at making a Frame-by-Frame Collab! I will try to gather all the flash artists I can possibly get and have them work on this awesome collab! This will most likely take months of work, maybe years! But it's worth it, is it not?

This will be posted on Newgrounds and dA (doubtful) after the project is completed!

Note to all who wish to participate: I have Flash CS3. So, if you wish to send something to me that's an FLA, make sure it's compatible with Flash 9 or lower.

Wish me all the best!
-Jacob Weisner

Artists that I wish to collaborate with:
Yotam Perel,
Edgar Nielsen,
Adam and Thomas Vian,
Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi,
Chris Zito,
Tyler Naugle,
Ryan Boylett,
Edd Gould,
and many more!

Another Note: If you don't appreciate what I'm doing here, you can take your monitor and shove it up your rear end, okay?

What the hell?

2008-11-09 16:09:48 by sir5000

What the hell is wrong with you Americans? I just watched the news today. Obama??? What the hell? You are making the worst choice for your country. The United States will indeed "change," as Obama promises, but not for the better. You people who voted for him are all idiots. Goodness gracious. Your country is being put in jeopardy because of your choice!

What the hell?


2008-10-09 21:08:16 by sir5000

Sup, Grounds Golders,

Wow. My first post evar...well...I guess I should dedicate some people.

Thanks to my "friend" Anti Killapa (this guy) for encouraging me to make an account.

Thanks to Yotam Perel (this guy)for sparking the little Tankman in my heart to consider making an account.

Thanks especially to Tom Fulp, ( this guy), Luis Castanon (this guy), Johnny Utah (this guy), and all the other moderators for helping this website succeed!