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2008-11-13 20:52:37 by sir5000

Hello there!

I'm gonna try something new. Something sleek. Something noobish. Something frame-by-frame...

You heard me right! Frame-by-frame! Don't know what I mean? Ask those flash animators out there! They know!

Yup! I'm doing a first attempt at making a Frame-by-Frame Collab! I will try to gather all the flash artists I can possibly get and have them work on this awesome collab! This will most likely take months of work, maybe years! But it's worth it, is it not?

This will be posted on Newgrounds and dA (doubtful) after the project is completed!

Note to all who wish to participate: I have Flash CS3. So, if you wish to send something to me that's an FLA, make sure it's compatible with Flash 9 or lower.

Wish me all the best!
-Jacob Weisner

Artists that I wish to collaborate with:
Yotam Perel,
Edgar Nielsen,
Adam and Thomas Vian,
Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi,
Chris Zito,
Tyler Naugle,
Ryan Boylett,
Edd Gould,
and many more!

Another Note: If you don't appreciate what I'm doing here, you can take your monitor and shove it up your rear end, okay?


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2008-11-13 21:06:44

i would like to learn how to use flash to
and i know that you can find links for getting a 30 days trial version of flash on the NG forums.

and what do you mean by "frame by frame" because i would like to participate in the collab

sir5000 responds:

This is different. I'm trying to get the best of the best flash artists that have been perfecting their style for years, not just first-timers. Sorry. You've been rejected.


2008-11-16 15:27:40

Wait, you're trying to get a bunch of popular artists to make a collab for you or something?

sir5000 responds:

Indeed. Wanna join?


2008-11-16 20:00:37

You won't get even one famous animator, seeing as how you haven't done anything.

sir5000 responds:

I indeed have. I have posted this on the BBS and have already contacted many artists. Two for example are Edd Gould (eddsworld) and Ryan Boylett (nogginanimations). It's a slow process, but I'll get to it. Don't be so pesimistic.


2008-11-18 21:13:00

You do realize posting on the BBS isn't flash work, right?
And I'll bet you $400,000 you won't get any of the people on that list.

sir5000 responds:

Speaking of which, I need to update my list. Some people haven't responded yet, others are too busy but would have gladly been part of the collaboration. So I suggest you shut your mouth and go screw yourself.


2008-11-24 21:14:39

It's funny, because that's what I say to people I don't want to collab with, "I'm too busy, but don't get me wrong, I would defiantly be a part of it if I had the time." So yeah, you won't be hearing back from them or any other people on your list. Let's list the facts shall we?

You have only been here for about 2 months.

You are still a level 5

You have submitted no flash work to the portal

You have only made 19 posts in the BBS.

I love your enthusiasm, but it's just not going to work. You should build a reputation before demanding famous artists to join your collaboration. So yeah, I agree with Alpharius.

(Updated ) sir5000 responds:

Well, whatever. I've gotten people on this list already, so don't talk, jackass. You know what I hate? Big fat you, maybe?

Also, I'm a level THIRTEEN. Read, dumbass.


2008-11-25 17:58:28

I'm surprised you dont have Boogley on there, he's like the king of pure FBF

sir5000 responds:

Maybe, but he might not be my style...


2008-11-27 10:58:16

Are you kidding? Ansel has a way less FBF style and more of a keyframe thing goin' on, and you chose him. Although I doubt this collab is going to work out since your not contributing to it at all.

sir5000 responds:

What's the the pessimisism, man! Chill! If I don't find this to continue any further, I will consider pulling it back until I increase my BA! Besides, I'm not recruiting people because of style, I'm recruiting them for their artistic ability and their discipline.


2008-12-09 21:31:23

Let me get this straight,
You haven't been on newgrounds long enough to understand how everything works.
You have no submissions
You're under level 10
You have no experience with flash
and you want to collab with the best of the best on newgrounds.
You sir, are a failure. None of those artists will collab with you, when they say they're busy, that means they don't want to, and those who you have contacted and are "slow" at getting answers, they're just ignoring you because they know you're not good enough.
In short, You're a loser, and you've failed epicly.

(Updated ) sir5000 responds:

You know, the time one's been a member on Newgrounds isn't exactly the same as the time one's known Newgrounds. I've known Newgrounds for YEARS, okay? Sure, I've never made an account until now. What do you mean I'm under Level 10? I'm Level 12(hey, Luis is Level 2), but I know how things go here. I know a lot about Newgrounds. Not the Portal itself, but Newgrounds. I know Newgrounds. I know how things work around here. Sure, I'm what you call a "n0ob," but I'm not stupid, like you.

And yes, I HAVE experience with flash, jackass, look above.


2009-04-05 22:19:07

Chargin mah lazor

sir5000 responds:

What the hell?!