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Whoo! Dot Collab!

2009-06-14 19:24:56 by sir5000

All right! It's finally here! Teh Dot Trilogy: Collab!

I feel very honored to be part of this collaboration, especially after Yotam Perel's comment, stating that it was the "...crippled son of the Simple Line collab..."

Yeah...that's pretty bad...

Now I'm torn between being honored and being ashamed...

(Actually, I sorta half-agree with his comment. I mean, not to be too offensive, but some parts were pretty bad. Even I admit that my part wasn't that good. Not pointing out any names, though)

Note: You can find the full-sized screencap of the comment here.

Whoo! Dot Collab!


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2009-07-10 19:24:53

You signed up on my birthday

sir5000 responds:

That was random...