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What the hell?

2008-11-09 16:09:48 by sir5000

What the hell is wrong with you Americans? I just watched the news today. Obama??? What the hell? You are making the worst choice for your country. The United States will indeed "change," as Obama promises, but not for the better. You people who voted for him are all idiots. Goodness gracious. Your country is being put in jeopardy because of your choice!

What the hell?


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2008-11-09 16:17:59

yes i say him being the pres. is the start of armagedon im not kiding the irans will think were weak wich we are and obama will get shot the people go in cause china gets pissed and bombs start going from side to side


2008-11-09 16:40:36

hmmmms.....and what makes you say that? : 3